Monday, February 25, 2013

The Day After I Signed Up as a Supporter...

... Marc Garneau came out with this.

I remember Michael Ignatieff saying the same thing back during the 2011 campaign, and... yeah, it was silly then, and its silly now.

Not that there isn't a strategy behind it. Marc wants to position himself as the anti-Justin, the candidate that if you want to support someone coming out with strong policies, Marc's your guy. That's a valid strategy, no doubt about it.

But trying to stamp out the other candidates? No, that's not going to work out. More people will be turned off by that kind of attitude, than those turned on to his candidacy because of this positioning. It isn't a good idea.

Hopefully we'll get another Mississauga-like debate where they can go one-on-one. I'd like to see that, I think a lot of people would. But there are seven other candidates in this race, and hey, you need their supporter's votes. Maybe this race is simply between Justin and Marc, but all those that supported disqualified candidates are still going to be voting. If you want to earn their support in the end, it is best not to try and marginalize them now.


  1. is still going. While it's probably full of people who have voted more than once, what is interesting to note (I've been following all this time) is that while Trudeau loses to the other two (expected) Garneau actually beats Findlay by a huge margin. At the moment however, Trudeau advances on the final ballot, but if you keep watching, you'll see it too. Garneau, more than anyone, picks up second and third place votes.

    Even if this poll has huge errors and is inaccurate, this fact my be telling.

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  3. Garneau winning would be a big mistake and I would stay home for the first time in my life during the next election.

    1. I disagree, Kitt (obviously). I'm interesting in hearing why you think that.